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Ideas that lock in lasting connections

You’re going to need a better story

If you’re going to tell better stories, you’re going to need better ideas…

You & I? We’re story-making creatures. Stories are so vital to us, we’d rather hurry to make one up than wait for the facts!

Stories help us make sense of the world & our place within it.

The problem is, the stories we cling to too often do us more harm than good.

So I use decades of branding insights with a heady mix of copywriting & graphic design skills to produce inspiring & insightful ideas for people & businesses to tell much better stories.

Stories so compelling, so meaningful, that they help folk build lasting connections with their audiences.

I’ve also won a contract to write a business book on resilience.

So I’m now creating coaching/mentoring products & services to help you run with stories that allow you to be bigger inside than life is outside.

Why? So that you can stand up to your most fearsome giants & come out on top – even in troubled times.

Because very often our giants don’t defeat us because they’re too big, they defeat us because they make us feel small.

And with a better story, you’re a lot less likely to let that happen to you.

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And if I can help you tell a better story in your creative communications, or with coaching or mentoring, give me a call or send me a DM today.

Whatever happy ever after means to you, let’s go get it…