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Most firms cherish referral business. Referred clients cost little or nothing to cultivate, close more quickly and are often easier to manage. I always recommend my clients consider how to help make those happen.

I’ve been fortunate to receive a number of referrals throughout the years I’ve been in business. And I’m very grateful to all of you who’ve recommended me to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and associates. You people are immense. Thank you. And whenever you’re in a position to do so again, many thanks again for thinking of me and putting me out there.

But if you haven’t yet done so, this is me asking if you would kindly refer my name to folk you know who can use my services, too.

If you would, here are some pointers that might help:

What I do

I solve creative communication challenges by helping businesses, organisations and individuals lock in lasting connections with their stakeholders, applying big ideas by using copywriting and graphic design. Those challenges might involve branding, stationery, brochures, adverts, websites, presentations, pitches, speeches, videos, corporate communications and/or direct mail. And the solutions I come up with get great results. For example, take a look at the following:

The work I’ve had most fun doing (in no particular order…)
  • All those branding projects, whether it’s helping name and position a European packaging company after a management buy-out, writing a brand book for a chartered institute, conceiving a name for a new product or service, or designing a logo/logotype and applying it to stationery and collateral
  • All those ideation sessions creative agencies invited me to join, helping them position window companies, drug companies, global built asset consultants, travel tour operators, household drain un-blockers, clinical studies laboratories, to mention a few
  • Writing words that sell on a win-back, direct mail campaign, for a national utility company looking to retrieve lost customers around Valentine’s Day. A campaign so successful, they had to double their booking with the call centre to four weeks
  • Being trusted with producing a consortium’s tender, looking to win a £1m contract to support and mentor technology start-ups in London – which the LDA described as “undoubtedly” the best presentation from 138 initial expressions of interest
  • Creative producer, copywriter and art director on a big film and photo shoot involving a dozen cars and 12, 30-second TV ads
  • Writing & presenting seminars on marketing, advertising and promotion for the Industrial Society & the DTI (as was)
  • Learning and applying bucket-loads of leadership development insights from consultants based in London and Birmingham. Too many rich and rewarding experiences to count
  • Lead designer and information architect on customer-facing intranet for Barclays Bank. Designing the interface for trackball-driven computer screens, stationed  at information points designed to give independent financial information to the public at every one of Barclays’ UK high street branches. Working for John Ryan International and alongside Landor Associates.
Who benefits most from my help

Anyone who needs big ideas from a multi-faceted, reliable pair of hands; anyone with a creative challenge they’re ready to hand over responsibility for completing, especially:

  • Market-leading businesses and operations, especially business-to-business, but also business-to-consumer
  • Creative agencies who don’t have my skills in-house, need some fresh thinking, or who are just too busy and need a hand
  • Technical companies who need to reach an audience with technically accurate content, that’s hard-working while being straightforward to understand
  • Folk who need joined-up thinking; anyone who needs integrated communications across a number of platforms and a variety of media.
What I’d love to get involved with next

Non-executive directorship roles. Lending my decades of experience in creative communications, as well as mentoring and coaching insights to help develop leaders that lead by building other leaders. And contract work, too.

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