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If creativity is joining the dots, there’d better be some dots to join…

“I have always found my attention drawn to many different disciplines: science, history, literature, systems thinking, organisational behaviour, social policy, cosmology and theology. I value what I’ve learned from each of these different fields, because no one discipline, institution, or specialization can answer the questions that now confront us. We all must draw from many different perspectives to re-weave the world.”
Margaret Wheatley Ed.D

The argument goes that a broad spread of disciplines is confusing. Or it implies you’re a ‘Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none’.

My counter-argument is that I’m with Margaret: that to creatively solve the communication challenges we face today requires a playfulness, an insatiable curiosity, as well as wide-ranging cultural capital.

Which side of the fence are you on? Before you answer that, notice whether you feel you have the freedom to choose, because being constrained by having to pay the bills and put bread on the table may well jaundice your opinion.

Needs must. I get that.

Me? I got to the point where I couldn’t afford not to choose any more, as trying to fit in with what I believed everyone expected really wasn’t working for me.

Because flow – the most highly efficient state of productivity that stems from being fully immersed in and playing to your strengths – is only possible from a truly integrated life. That meant weaving my passion for learning and development (an insatiable curiosity to understand how people tick) into my work as a creative.

So personally? I refuse to be pigeon-holed any more. I have a broad church of interests and integrity demands I bring all of them to work with me.

Let’s see if living an integrated life lends itself better to producing integrated communications for my clients.

Let’s get real, shall we? Let’s stop taking expected norms in our professions so seriously and our unique blend of skills, interests, passions and experiences more so.

It’s time to play…

Rob Wright
Copywriter, graphic designer, author, creative producer, social entrepreneur, executive coach, educator and speaker