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As Cambridge and London isn’t much more than an hour away, the county where I’ve lived since 1990 harbours a high concentration of technical companies. For a copywriter like me, working as often as I have on such accounts has been a godsend. Honestly? It started out as a baptism of fire. But looking back, it’s hard to imagine a better way to hone incisive copywriting skills.

I’m now in the habit of asking great questions. I know how to interview bright, occasionally shy people. I’ve learned to listen deeply. I know how to help clients come out from behind the science of their next big thing and give a good brief. I have a furious attention to detail, but can also pan out and efficiently reflect on the big picture. I can now dig up and assimilate swathes of information from a wide variety of sources, and I’ve learnt to structure piles of research so that key learning can be retrieved.

Get all of that down and you’re in a better place to apply the right tone of voice consistently across all media to get a brand’s soul sounding just right.

Subsequently, I have fun making technical and/or intellectually challenging information user-friendly. Whether it’s from interviews, desk-research or qualitative research, I get the buzz of distilling complicated, heady content into concise, engaging and highly persuasive copy and editorial for a living.

Clients love the fact that, with a good brief, I can deliver clean copy first time. All the usual disciplines included: from speeches to storyboards, pitches to presentations, news releases to newsletters, training material to technical instructions, from mailings to multimedia, as well as ads and editorial.

So now if you want copy that’s rich in content but easy to digest, you know where to come…