Copywrighting & Creative Communications

Ideas that lock in lasting connections

Let’s think about this out loud…

How do you make your voice heard in a world with way too many white noise, ‘me-too’ marketing messages?

Why do people buy from you and what can you say to help ensure they buy more? What bunch of keys will help you convert your leads?

If we must have conversations about loyalty, what are the factors that are most relevant – and the ones that are complete red herrings?

Speaking of loyalty, how can branding help reduce churn? How can a leaders’ expression of vision and mission impact corporate identity?

What does a corporate culture that sustains excellence sound like? What role can branding play towards that?

And how can I help you answer questions like these…?

I’ve been copywriting and designing since the mid-eighties. Like most good copywriters, I love learning and I’m insatiably curious. And like most good creatives, making connections between such a wide range of interests fires all kinds of neurons.

People are complex. Making lasting connections with them means making the time for understanding; how they tick, what motivates, restricts and rewards them.

Subsequently, I’m forever skipping down breadcrumb trails, gleaning insights that help me understand my craft, as well as understanding people – whether it’s the science behind persuasion, how to build compelling brands through creative communications, or performance.

And the end game? Thought leadership that helps brands broadcast out loud their souls’ biggest secrets for their audiences to appreciate.

Not too long from now, you’ll see how I’ve put together some of my learning in new service offerings, a course and books.

Meanwhile, my Blog is the space where I’ll be exploring questions like these and test-driving some of the ideas that’ll populate some of that material. If you’re anywhere near as curious as me about stuff like this, it’ll be great to meet you there…